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2024-2025 Tesla Model 3 Highland Precut Paint Protection Kit – Full Front

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Full Front 2024+ Tesla Model 3

Full Front 2024+ Tesla Model 3

    If you're searching for a particular brand not listed, kindly reach out to us via email.

  • 2024+ Doesn't have parking sensors or foglights

  • Wrapped Edges will be included to the panels where manufacturer of the kits recommends it.

  • To expedite processing, please provide pictures of the front of your vehicle, this way we can confirm the cuts.Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

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2024-2025 Tesla Model 3 Highland Precut Paint Protection Kit – Full Front

    • This Kit Includes:

    Fits: Long Range – Performance – RWD

    Installation Difficulty: ( MODERATE )

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    All Precuts Pictured In The Listing Are What Will Be Included

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Fits: Tesla Model 3 – Highland

4 reviews for 2024-2025 Tesla Model 3 Highland Precut Paint Protection Kit – Full Front

  1. Charlie

    Got the full front installed, yesterday, a lot easier than the previous model 3. I was shocked the kit was available this early.

  2. Lou

    Thank You Dex, got the new kit delivered, thank you for fast shipping man.
    Do you have the rest of the car already ? can you get me shipping cost send everything behind front doors.

  3. Chad

    Got the kit installed, thank you for shipping it to Europe for me Dex.

  4. Cheng

    This is my third order with this company,
    Great customer service as always.
    The precuts were amazing on my 24 model

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