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2023 Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Kit Full Front – 2023 Design / No Sensors

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Paint Protection: Full Front 2023 Tesla Model Y

Paint Protection: Full Front 2023 Tesla Model Y

  • 2023 Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Kit Full Front – 2023 Design / No Sensors

    2023 Doesn't have parking sensors.

  • 2023 Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Kit Full Front – 2023 Design / No Sensors

    Wrapped Edges will be included to the panels where manufacturer of the kits recommends it.

  • To expedite processing, please provide pictures of the front of your vehicle, this way we can confirm the cuts.Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

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2023 Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Kit Full Front Coverage / New Design – PPF Kit

  • This Kit Includes:

    FULL Front BUMPER / No Parking Sensors

Paint Protection Film: Tesla Model Y  Pre Cut PPF Full Front Film Kit.

What’s the best solution? Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle.

Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle. In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as…

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

Paint Protection Film is applied first to the portions of your vehicle that will be most susceptible to rock chips or scratches from road debris. Since Ceramic Coating does not protect against this kind of damage, it’s important to apply Paint Protection Film to these areas. This often includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels, and the rear wheel arch.

Once the most vulnerable areas are protected with Paint Protection Film, your whole car receives Ceramic Coating. The coating will bond to both the vehicle’s factory paint and the film that has already been applied. When applied on top of the film, the coating will provide an additional layer of protection from chemical etching and stains. It will also help keep the film clean and free from contaminants, which will lengthen the life of the film.

| PPF 8 Mil | PPF 10mil | Stek DynoShield | 3M Pro | Madico | Ultra Fusion PPF | Dura-Shield | SolarGard |

Fits: All Trims LR + P   This kit is for 2023 only, comes with no front parking sensors | wrapped version

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46 reviews for 2023 Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Kit Full Front – 2023 Design / No Sensors

  1. Havier

    Great product and install looks amazing if i say so myself. Will definitely be back for future kits.

  2. Sean Garson

    We are very pleased with the results and experience in working with Josh @ opus premium films

  3. Mario

    The owner, Josh is a stand up honest guy. Fast delivery, and professional customer service. Highly recommend Opus Premium Films for your clear bra and tint kits!

  4. Ben

    Awesome and professional experience. I’ve dealt with Josh or few years. 100% recommended.

  5. Jack

    Great guys. prompt, great communication and great prices. Will absolutely use them again.

  6. Carla

    Nice kit!

  7. joel

    Awesome service, quality, great pricing and very knowledgeable! Thank you team opus!!

  8. Andrew

    High quality clear bra product. Super nice company. So good that I sent my best friends to give them business. I would highly refer anyone to this company for anything window tint, ppf kits.

  9. hill

    Easily the best tint and clear bra company online!

  10. Shane

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Quality product at a great price.

  11. Lisa

    I have to say I am blown away with the amazing customer service, Thank You, Max!! The edit on my ppf kit. was amazing. i had emblems and side markers removed, pattern oversized for wrapping. Love the final outcome & thank you for recommending ceramic tint on the windows, it sure does keep the heat out. I would highly recommend these guys on any car if you’re looking for a quality product and best customer service around ❤️

  12. Dino

    If you have a Tesla and need all of the windows tinted and PPF kit this is where you need to buy it from. I dealt with multiple shops through out the years, these guys beat them all. Great customer service, awesome genuine product!!!

  13. Joshua

    Opus is one of the best tint and ppf shops around. They’ve helped us out with clear bra and tint for my 21 model y, clear bra and window tint cuts are amazing, Highly recommend Opus Premium Films if you want honest company, great customer service + the best products.

  14. GR

    I got this kit over the other design they have posted, this kit has a different bumper, more of a 1 piece design with a middle center piece, install went great, tacking instructions helped

  15. Gunner

    Great design and fitment, 2022 Model Y Performance.

  16. Josh

    Great material, customer service, learning techniques, and advice this company has it all! This was a great experience for me good job guys!

  17. Cong Tran

    Very friendly staff.
    Fast shipping.
    Install took me a couple days but worth it.

  18. Lou

    Shipping was pretty quick.
    Team was amazing by providing videos showing how to install the precuts.

  19. Lou

    Shipping was pretty quick.
    Team was amazing by providing videos showing how to install the precuts.
    Bumper was a bit hard but wide and I did it.

  20. Louisville Detailing

    I have bought multiple kits from this company, 4th Mode Y full front kit and fits perfect as always. Thanks for all the help as always!

  21. Jeremy

    I have been installing paint protection for about 10 years now and was looking in to different material for my shop and dex had suggested for me to try STEK and it was honestly the the most easiest to tack and stretch on to the bumper I have ever had! I am in love with this product and love the business they are running it is convenient and opens up our options for our businesses!

  22. Jenny

    This was one of the best shopping sites I have been on it’s easy to find what I am looking for and is easy to get information on how to do it thanks the this crew! Thank you

  23. Corey

    They shipped my package out very quickly! I liked how they confirmed the car by me sending pictures to make sure I get the design of bumper that is needed and I also liked how they sent me extra mirrors because it did come in handy.

  24. Alex

    Cuts were great save this office staff s was actually the reason why I bought they were very kind and understanding And even hooked it up with a couple of extra door handles and mirrors for me and gave me a good deal because I paid with crypto!

  25. Dallin

    Dex is one amazing/ hard working people I have ever met he was there to tend all of confusions and questions I had and gave me some good techniques to get the job done! Thank you

  26. Henry’s cool ride auto spa and PPF

    My shop and I love this company we’re constantly buying from these guys just because of how quick and convenient it is! Then we make a great profit just because we all pay with crypto thank you Trent and Dex you guys have been awesome!

  27. Randal

    This company is the best you can ask for this is my 4th time buying from them and I honestly am amazed by how well it is doing. The PPF is the real deal, payments affordable, great crew leading, and even quick with shipping these guys have no loose ends!

  28. Sean

    3m pro is for sure the way to go when doing this. It tacks well and glue is sticky but it gets tricky when you do the bumper and the hood! But thanks to Trent he was able to help me with a couple of tricks to get the job done and in a timely fashion! I did have to order a replacement hood but could not ask for a better material!

  29. Texas style Paint protection and window tint

    They never disappoint! I’ve been buying from these guys for a while now and it has been a business changer for me I have been installing paint protection for years now and had to come to these guys in an emergency and I haven’t stopped buying from this company in about 2 months!

  30. Jason

    Great job! It’s awesome having a company that seems to actually care! This was my first time installing PPF and it’s a lot harder than it looks! I had to try the bumper twice and still almost messed up but thanks to Trent he helped me fix my technique and I was able to get the job done!

  31. Yusef

    Was not easy but was not hard. Took me a couple days with my wife to install the kit.
    Trent and Dex were amazing and supportive.

  32. George

    Terrific customer service and they sent my kit in a very timely manner! Thanks dex for all of the help.

  33. Jody

    I was very confused when I received the kit but thanks to the customer support this company has it wasn’t that difficult just very time consuming and patients are required to do it!

  34. Douglas

    They were very thorough with their work and made sure that the package was taped well and shipped it out in reasonable time. Also they were thoughtful by sending me videos on how to install and stretch on the car.

  35. Justin

    This was my first time working with paint protection and honestly was pretty intimidated on the job its self but this crew eased my anxiety and exceeded my expectations. The cuts were remarkable and STEK was great to work with.

  36. Kelton

    I like how fast they reply and how they treat their customers. I have bought from them 3 times and I couldn’t be happier.

  37. Toni

    Mike was very helpful with this process! He was very knowledgeable about the work and gave me some great techniques to get the job done! Also was patient because I asked so many questions.

  38. Rando

    They were able to ship out my kit very quick! I also was impressed by how helpful and generous they were with the customer support.

  39. Premier auto details LLC

    13 years in the PPF business and I still am amazed on how this company is ran. I don’t know how to use the software that is offered so I’ve been browsing around looking for great kits and these guys are by far the best I’ve found!

  40. Craig

    Awesome! They sent it just on time for my wife’s anniversary present like I had asked and everything ran so smoothly especially since Kurt was able to help me with the Installation process.

  41. Andres

    Kit fit perfect! No complaints.

  42. Jose

    5th time buying from this company and they have yet to let me down thank you!

  43. Guo

    I’m delighted to share my positive experience with the paint protection kit I recently purchased. The paint protection kit has exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only was the installation process smooth and hassle-free, but the quality of the materials used is outstanding. The kit provided comprehensive coverage for my vehicle, ensuring that every vulnerable area was well-protected. I’ve already noticed a significant reduction in minor scratches and chips, making me feel more confident about the longevity of my car’s finish. The added benefit of preserving the vehicle’s resale value is a definite plus. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this paint protection kit to anyone looking to safeguard their vehicle’s appearance and value.

    Thank You

  44. Sarkis

    Best deal on the internet for $449 cant beat the price for quality paint protection.

  45. Gale

    If you are looking for the best Stek Dyno is the easiest material to work with, i have done few of my cars with 3M or SunTek, STEK all the way for me, Its very forgiving when it comes to stretching and silvering on black vehicles, no lift lines

  46. Dermet

    Kit fit perfect as described.

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