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2022-2024 BMW 228i Gran Coupe Precut Paint Protection Film – Rear Bumper

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Paint Protection: Rear Bumper

Paint Protection: Rear Bumper

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2022 – 2024 BMW 228i Gran Coupe-  Precut Paint Protection Film Kit (PPF) – Rear Bumper


Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating: BMW 228i Gran Coupe Clear Bra Rear Bumper Pre Cut PPF kit

What’s the best solution? Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle.

Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as…

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

Paint Protection Film is applied first to the portions of your vehicle that will be most susceptible to rock chips or scratches from road debris. Since Ceramic Coating does not protect against this kind of damage, it’s important to apply Paint Protection Film to these areas. This often includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels, and the rear wheel arch.

Once the most vulnerable areas are protected with Paint Protection Film, your whole car receives Ceramic Coating. The coating will bond to both the vehicle’s factory paint and the film that has already been applied. When applied on top of the film, the coating will provide an additional layer of protection from chemical etching and stains. It will also help keep the film clean and free from contaminants, which will lengthen the life of the film.

PPF 8 Mil Ultimate Plus | Stek DynoShield | 3M Pro | Madico | Ultra Fusion PPF | Dura-Shield | SolarGard |

Are All PPF Products Identical?

Absolutely NOT. In fact, the modern crop of car paint protection film is separated into three categories.

Entry Level PPF

The generic clear bra is the entry-level solution to produce invisible protection. These urethane films are usually made overseas and are marketed under several different brand names. It’s an older formulation that does a fine job of protecting your vehicle from rock chips and other small debris strikes, but tends to yellow, discolor, and age quickly due to excessive exposure to outdoor elements – especially UV exposure.

Self-Healing PPF

The most popular type of automotive paint protection film is the self-healing variant. They are made by several popular companies like 3M, Suntek, PPF 8 Mil paint protection film and others. These blends solved the yellowing issues by infusing them with better formulated top coatings, which helps to block UV rays instead of absorbing them into the material.

If they are scratched or pitted due to small debris strikes to prone areas (like the front end, side mirrors, and fenders) – a professional auto salon can easily repair them by using a heat gun and trained techniques.

Instant Healing PPF

The top-shelf paint protection films are those infused with nanotechnology that allows them to fill small imperfections on the car’s paint surface – and instantly heal if scratched on the top layer. This segment is new – in fact, debuting in 2019 with the launch of Ceramic Pro Kavaca instant healing PPF.

Paint protection film installation is – on average, the most expensive of the protective products on the market today. The cost can range from $700 for your entry-level clear bra installation (which is just the front or high-impact areas of your vehicle) to approaching $4,000 for a full vehicle PPF treatment.

One of the major cost factors with most PPF’s is prep work, or what’s called paint correction. Most paint protection urethane film will cover and enhance what’s underneath. They don’t mask tiny scratches, swirl marks, or faded or light oxidation on vehicle paint. Paint correction can contribute to 1/3rd of the overall cost of the paint protection film installation.

However, paint protection films will last and hold up for 7 to 10 years. If you opt for the top-shelf instant healing paint protection film, the warranties can eclipse 10 years. Adding a professional nano ceramic coating to the top of the PPF can extend the warranty to a lifetime and keep the original paint in prime condition.

So, the question you need to ask is – if you didn’t have to pay for PPF – would you have it installed for free? After looking at the protective qualities posted above, I’d suggest that 99% of us would clearly answer YES to this question.

The next question you should ask is whether you can afford a PPF. When you consider the cost of other paint protection products, like wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings, the maintenance and upkeep to keep them in top shape, and the cost of repairing rock chip damage – over the same length of time the PPF will last, it’s actually more affordable than you’d think.

In the end, you’ll have to determine whether a paint protection film is worth it – for your individual application. Here are a few questions to consider that will help you with this important decision.



Fits: BMW 228i Gran Coupe

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