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2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Kit PPF – Full Front Kit

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Precut PPF Kit Tesla Model Y Full Front!

Tesla: Full Front PPF Protection

Tesla: Full Front PPF Protection

  • 2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Kit PPF – Full Front Kit
  • 2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Kit PPF – Full Front Kit
  • To expedite processing, please provide pictures of the front of your vehicle, this way we can confirm the cuts.Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

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2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Kit (PPF) Tesla Model Y PPF DIY Kit – Full Front + Partial A-Pillars


Paint Protection Film  – Tesla Model Y   Pre Cut PPF Kit Film – Full Front

What’s the best solution? Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle Model Y PPF Kit.

Paint Protection Film is a transparent, urethane material that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your vehicle In short, automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your car’s paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as…

  • Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  • Swirl marks created during washing
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  • Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  • Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  • Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

Paint Protection Film is applied first to the portions of your vehicle that will be most susceptible to rock chips or scratches from road debris.
Since Ceramic Coating does not protect against this kind of damage, it’s important to apply Paint Protection Film to these areas. This often includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels, and the rear wheel arch.

Once the most vulnerable areas are protected with Paint Protection Film, your whole car receives Ceramic Coating. The coating will bond to both the vehicle’s factory paint and the film that has already been applied.
When applied on top of the film, the coating will provide an additional layer of protection from chemical etching and stains. It will also help keep the film clean and free from contaminants, which will lengthen the life of the film.

| Stek DynoShield | 3M Pro | Madico | Ultra Fusion PPF | Dura-Shield | SolarGard | PPF 8 Mil Ultimate Plus – Fusion

Precut PPF Fits: Model Y – All Years

All Precuts are Subject To Change for Ease of Install
All Precuts Pictured In The Listing Are What Will Be Included


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 3 × 3 in

Stek Dynoshield

Tesla Model Y

2020,2021,2022, 2023

37 reviews for 2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y Precut Paint Protection Kit PPF – Full Front Kit

  1. Garry

    I have nothing but good things to say about this product, and this company, great support, Excellent Fitment & product!!!
    FYI: Email: [email protected] and upgrade partial A-pillars to full coverage, makes it look way better and protects full roof pillar.
    Ive installed PPF before, i would never cut on paint ever again with bulk install, don’t ask me how i know. lol. Precut is King in 2021.


  2. Jon in Maryland

    I can’t say enough good things about Josh and Opus Premium Films! This was my first attempt at PPF. Josh made me a custom kit of XPel Ultimate at a really fair price. More importantly, he was with me every step of the way. Clear instructions and an incredibly fast response to every email I sent him. He helped me not only with the PPF install, but advice on detailing and ceramic coating too. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and my car will be protected for many years to come. As a consumer, this is one of the best experiences I have *EVER* had!

  3. G

    I purchased a complete car kit for my brand new 2021 Model Y from Opus Premium Films. The film arrived last Friday so I started installing this weekend. I figured I’d start a thread to discuss the trials and terrors that are sure to follow as I learn how to install this material.

    I have no experience with PPF and only limited, hobby level experience with vinyl, paint, and paint correction. I’ve watched a lot of you tube channels and read any writeups I could find. The owner of the company has been helpful in providing tips / suggestions as well.

    The kit I purchased comes with four or five rolls of pre cut panels. Each roll has PPF for various panels. I decided to start with the hood because it is a large flat surface and from most indications should be the easiest. It was a fairly traumatic experience with below average, acceptable results. My second panel was the fender and it turned out significantly better still. Here we go:

    Biggest takeaways
    – I can do this! It is going to take a lot of practice to have anything close to a professional result, but I can get about 95% there and save over $4k from big-metro prices.
    – This takes a long time! The hood took me 2.5-3 hours. I’ve also done a fender and I got the time down to a little over an hour.
    – PPF 8 Mil is extremely forgiving. Keep the material VERY wet with slip solution and rewet often. Keep the PPF 8 Mil wet on BOTH sides constantly.
    – Don’t overstretch and don’t panic. With lots of slip solution, PPF 8 Mil can recover if it sticks to itself or be removed and repositioned pretty well.
    – Lint, dirt, and hairs are the worst. The cleaner a space you have the better. If working outside / partially outside, low wind and warm temperatures will help. Get the surface as clean as you can and always be on the lookout for lint.
    – You can do a lot of the early positioning work with your hands before you start squeegeeing and/or taccing the material into place.
    – This is not for the faint of heart. PPF is expensive for a reason. I’m undertaking this project so I have the skill set to wrap future cars I’ll own. Its an investment beyond this one car for me.

    Things to consider buying for prep:
    Car wash supplies – I picked up a foam cannon and a leaf blower for drying. I also purchased premium kirkland microfiber towels and some chemical guys microfiber applicators. Finally, I bought a McGuire’s claybar kit.
    Spray bottles – For slip solution, a pump sprayer is very preferred. Also have on hand two other small spray bottles.
    Rubber/latex gloves

    1. Step 1 – Collect your supplies. In addition to your preferred cleaning supplies, you’re going to need lint free microfiber clothes, 2-3 spray bottles, Isopropyl alcohol and some common soap. For the isopropyl alcohol, I used 70% but 100% would do as well. I put 5-6 ounces of straight alcohol in my smallest spray bottle. This will be for cleaning / removing lint prior to wrap. Then, second small-ish bottle will be for “tac” solution: This should be about 10mL of alcohol to 16 ounces water. You can use distilled water, if you prefer, I did not. Finally, for your “slip” solution: use the best spray bottle you have. I used what I saw most guys using, pump spray bottles that can be purchased at most home repair stores. For soap, the recommendation is johnson and johnson baby soap. You could also use a different baby soap or even dish soap. Mix 16 ounces of water with about 3 drops of soap. If in doubt, round up on the amount of soap you use. Ensure the soap mixes with the water but don’t shake so as to keep the suds and bubbles down.

    2. Paint prep. – Wash and clay the car! I have moth balled my MY for several weeks now to avoid damaging our fragile paint. Therefore, the paint is pretty clean. For prep, I washed the car with a chemical guys foam gun. I dryed with an EvGo leaf blower. I then clayed the hood to remove debris and water spots from previous rain.

    3. Position the car – If you can do this in a closed garage with exhaust ventilation its probably going to help a great deal to minimize dust. My garage is cluttered from a move, so I made room to get half the car inside with the garage door open… :/

    4. Prep the PPF – Unrolling the PPF proved challenging. Each roll I received was 6-9 feet long. I suggest clearing a large, long table if you have one. Another great option would be to hang the PPF from hooks on the wall or even a clothes line. The adhesive side of the PPF is protected like a sticker backing, but you need the space to work with it carefully and avoid introducing unwanted dirt and lint. Once unrolled, find the section you’re doing and cut it out.

    In this case, I should have cut out the hood from the roll. Instead, I made the mistake of trying to transfer the hood directly from the massive roll that included multiple panels. That was terrible and ended in us cutting it free after we had already transferred about 1/3 of the hood panel to the car. A bit traumatic.

    5. Final prep before application – Using my slip solution, I sprayed down the hood and wiped dry with kirkland microfiber towels. Also clean within 5-6 inches on adjacent panels since the PPF may touch those surfaces when you transfer it to the car. Next, I sprayed the pure alcohol lightly and wiped clean a final time ensuring all dust and lint were removed. For future I plan to try and devote a great amount of my time to this step to get it just right. The towels tend to leave behind very fine dust and hairs without the right environment. I didn’t have the best lighting in my garage and missed some dust / hairs.

    6. Applying PPF to the hood – I washed my hands really well. Next time, I’m going to don latex gloves at this point. I grabbed two friends to help with the application, but you can do it alone if you have to.

    I suggest reverse rolling the piece you intend to apply, in this case the hood. Once reverse rolled, you will be able to grab a corner and start peeling it away from the backing and transfer it to the paint in a manageable way. Hold the roll in one hand and the exposed PPF in the other. If you have helpers, they can hold down corners of the PPF once applied to the car.

    Before you start peeling the PPF away from its backing, rewet the entire hood with an ample amount of slip solution. You can not have too much at this stage. You’re going to want the hood and eventually the adhesive side of the PPF to be wet so the material doesn’t start sticking to either the car or itself. Now, with full confidence in your TMC bretheren and not a fear in your heart, unroll the PPF onto the paint.

    I’ll return when I have more time to edit and continue sharing my experience.
    Original Discussion Thread:

  4. Nate

    Installation went super smooth, i had previous experience with PPF installs, this time i went with STEK over XPEL.
    Very happy, its so clear i cant even tell its on the car, great material with Hydrophobic properties.

  5. Raymond

    Amazing customer support, quality and professionally cut patterns.

  6. Fred

    They were quick to reply to my inquiry, and I was able to receive 3M order in 4 days via 2nd day shipping, Great prices, good service and product.

  7. Frank

    I recently purchased a new Model Y and decided to protect my full front. Josh and his team had exceptionally exceeded my expectations. From the highest quality products offered such as Window film and Paint protection films, to the best custom support i could ask for, to the steps this team took to make my decision a breeze. Truly the best experience. You have a lifelong customer here! Thank you Josh and Precut PPF Store for your excellence!

  8. Joseph

    This store is awesome and they have top brands in stock, PPF installation wasn’t as bad, saved myself few $’s. Final results came out really great!

  9. Manny

    Awesome in every way possible. Experience installing precut kit is required, im not new to clear bra installs, i’ve installed similar kits on different makes and models for years, these guys don’t disappoint, always top notch cuts and great customer service.

  10. Kahn

    Tesla finally got my vehicle delivered, waited 4 months for a new model. I have bought from here since 2019, customers support is the best, prices are very affordable.
    Cuts are on point, material stretches like butter. No issues.
    Would definitely recommend to everyone who is looking to DIY their tesla.

  11. May

    Amazing support, Dex knows his stuff. If you are attempting a DIY project this is where to buy from.

  12. Simon

    I love all of my cars. Naturally, I wanted to find someone who is trustworthy when it comes to buying a Paint Protection kit from.
    It’s really hard to find a good and honest online store that won’t cheat you, PrecutPPF store delivered as promised and everything was packaged well and shipped in a timely manner, I was sent installation video, I carefully watched them but did have some questions which were a little confusing, Josh answered to my emails promptly.

    I would never buy from anywhere else.

    I and my wife installed PPF in 3 days, I know it took us some time, but I was very careful and installed 1 panel at a time.
    Guys leave the bumper to be installed last, once you install the hood, fenders, etc… attempt the bumper on a clear head, it took the most time.

    Since the bumper is not flat, the material requires to be stretched, it’s normal, at first I was like there is no way to install stretching, but once I got a hang of it, the material fits the bumper like a glove, whoever designed this Kit is a MASTER.

    Thank you for helping me with this install guys, ill be back with my next vehicle.

    Quick Tip: Obtain Installation GEL, Steamer. makes a huge difference when it comes to stretching. These guys here are pros, they gave me insider tips that I would have never found online.

    Follow the instructions, and you will succeed installing this kit in no time.

  13. ChanR180

    Purchased another kit Full Front kit from for my new 2023 Model Y. I have to tell guys, not having front parking sensors on the revised 2023 model Y is amazing, first attempt at installing the front bumper I nailed it. I used a steamer now.
    Stretched it like butter, it’s all about the experience. The cut seems short, but it is not, you have to stretch the fingers out so it will lay flat.
    I think I will try the doors and rear portion of the vehicle next, driving it on a highway I got a windshield chipped already and a small rock chip on an A-pillar.
    Original post:

  14. Leon

    New 23 model doesn’t have the sensors, packaged very well, no issues installing the product.
    Well made OEM brand. Very impressed!

  15. Izzy

    Love it, outstanding support and knowledge on paint protection installs, this is my 3rd install overall, I have been buying from here for 4 years, new model y comes without parking sensors, much easier to install.
    Got everything done in 5 hours, where first time I didn’t know what I was doing and it took me 2 days with screw ups, haha.

    Now that I know how material stretches I’m a pro at this.

    Whoever is trying this for the first time, please read reviews guys and in tesla forums, ask on here, message them, these guys have been doing this for 30 years, they have insider tricks, tricks you wont find anywhere, like using a steamer, gel, hot water to stretch the material.

    First time I received the bumper, I’m like why is it so short, gave Dex hard time, sorry Dex, I know now it needs to be stretched, I forever grateful that you took your time to teach me and explain the process and art of paint protection.

    Thank you

  16. MyLi Lo

    Outmost respect to Josh and his team, this stuff takes time and knowledge to install, I’m a very handy person, I do everything around the house and installing PPF required a little more experience than I looks like had.

    Long story short Dex got in touch with me and helped me understand how everything worked, the stretching of the material, wrapping the edges, popping bubbles.

    I have learned new techniques and abilities.

    Mr dex, go ahead and send me new invoice please, I would like to redo bumper and 1 left fender, I’m a lot more confident now to try it again.

    I’m watching videos you provided, I see now where I went wrong.

    Simple mistakes on my part.
    I appreciate you took your time and helped me with my questions.

  17. Detail pros

    Perfect DIY store, great communication, fast responses.

    Best cuts and brands on the market, they have all brands available, email them like i did for brand i wanted that wasn’t listed.

    Easy to install, i have been installing window tint and paint protection for years, my plotter broke and needed kit asap, they took care of me, shipped it overnight UPS per my request.

    I will buy all my kits from here, its cheaper then owning plotter plus paying monthly for software.

    Great job guys.

  18. Garcia’s Body Shop

    Awesome guys, very knowledgeable in their field, material patterns are very precise.

  19. Express detail

    Ive been buying from Josh for years, i have my own shop, we do detailing, PPF and window tint, its cheaper for me to buy PPF from here. No issues ever, helps me not to carry all major brands.
    Keep up good work guys

  20. Jay Lee

    The 2023 model y install went smoothly, with no issues whatsoever, kit fitment is on point, stretched the bumper on without issues.
    Dex thank you for helping me save some green by purchasing the kit with Bitcoin. The process was simple as it gets.
    Guys if you want a discount paying with crypto is the way to go.
    Took me 10-30 minutes max, go here to open a account, added my debit card and bank account, verified my identity, etc… purchase bitcoin, and next time I will buy Eth, gas is cheaper, save over $60+ paying with Bitcoin on my Tesla kit.

    J lee

  21. Sean yong

    Great product like always! I’ve been a long time customer with these guys and they never disappoint. If you’re a new customer and trying to save a good chunk of money. Ask them about their payment with crypto currency! It works great and is very fast and easy after going through all of the steps!

  22. Ting Lee

    Dex was the best.
    I was on a tight budget and he was able to help me Dave some money. I checked out with his help with Crypto. I was able to save $60 with stek hydro. The install went well. The front bumper was a bit hard but I was able to install it.

  23. Evin Wong

    Thanks to this business I have no doubt in my mind that my paint will be protected. They were very helpful by sending me videos on how to install and even gave me a squeegee to start with. Terrific customer support I will be buying again soon!

  24. Peter

    This was a great experience for me. The bumper was a little hard. I had to order a replacement one and DEX helped me out with a deal.
    Overall the install went great. The bumper did require some serious stretching but it worked.
    Thank you again for all the help!

  25. Bens Paint Protection LLC

    Cuts Were perfect, material was easy to stretch! I like how easy it is to pay and how helpful these guys are. I have been installing PPF for about 5 years and was looking for a company to buy from since my cutting machine broke. These guys are by far the best ! Thank you again!

  26. Chuck

    Ordered two full fronts for my wife and my Model Y. The instructions were helpful. Thank you for the customer service.

  27. Bingbing

    Staff was very friendly.
    Shipping was quick.
    Video instructions helped me.

  28. Dong Wang

    Video instructions helped.
    Took to STEK shop, said film is real and my Model Y looks amazing and protected.

  29. Karl

    Great experience. Had some small issues. Still saved myself money!

  30. Josh

    Fantastic team!
    Instructions were top notch.

  31. Lucas

    They shipped the kit quick! Got it 5 days after placing the order. Install went great!

  32. Klark

    Had a great time with my wife installing the kit on our new model Y. Had some struggles but got it installed.

  33. Luxury Auto Shop

    Fast shipping kits are always amazing.
    We buy over 15 orders a month from them. Everything always fits as described. Stretching is required as ppf install experience is also required.

  34. Yusuf

    Install was a bit time consuming but saved myself money and protected my Model y.

  35. Jamine

    If you are looking for affordable protection go with their PPF 8 mil film, looks amazing.
    Very good cuts.

  36. Tk

    Good support, full wrap is a must if you gojng to keep your vehicle for a while.

  37. John

    Easy going company, quick responses and shipping.

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